Ad ROI improvement tool with comprehensive solution for Ad Fraud and Ad Verification

Black Swan Verification

Benefits of Black Swan


Blocking Ad Fraud

Black Swan blocks Ad Fraud from BOT to non-effective fraudulent impression which would not produce conversion. We detect and block various types of Ad Fraud including NHT(non-human traffic), non-effective impression(event if the imp is made by human), or access up services that produce fraudulent impression, etc. It has proven successful in identifying 3-10% of non-conversion fraud impressions, and 8-15% of fraudulent clicks. Through the use of Black Swan, advertising ROI (ex. Conversion Rate) will be improved.

Maintaining your Branding

Publishing online ads is one of the easiest way to reach out to a large group of users. However, it does holds risks. 1. 90% of users had felt that online ads are just “annoying”. 2. 60% of those held negative images against the advertising companies. (based on in-house and MyVoice research) Our tool, “Black Swan Verification” can help you clear away the negative thoughts the users may feel towards your online ads, which may affect your branding image. We can easily help you prevent your worst case scenario of “spending your valuable budget that lowers your branding and/or product images”.

Services Flow
What is BlackSwan?


Checking the essence of what actually protects your company branding

We consult each client’s in depth and customize by identifying what is the damaging point and how we can protect your company branding.

Fraud analysis, Context analysis

Catch and then categorize per published URL media’s context details, by applying our own natural language processor

Making up Black List automatically・Real time ad replacement

Replacing your ad creative right before your branding may be damaged, and protect your company image

Blocking Ad Fraud
What is Adfraud?

Black List of Ad Fraud

We provide "Black" URL/ domain and IP as black lists to control ad delivery. We make up the black lists from massive big fraudulent data of audience and media . The big fraud data is changing real-time basis so Black Swan analyzes fraudulent data on real-time basis and makes up black list.

Brand Safety
What is brandsafty?

Negative contexts per industry

ere is a huge risk publishing and ad with an industry specific negative context. Your industry. Those moments have the same effect as “negative campaigns” which is almost fatal to keeping your brand image. We are the world’s first company that can filter negative contexts per industry.

X-rated Sites

You can easily find X-rated contents on Matome sites (collection of boards). When your ad is published right next to x-rated contents, not only is it a low rated purchase, but definitely a low-sell of your product and brand.

Negative Contexts

Your brand image will get lower if you publish and ad on any negative contexts that effects the user’s minds.

2chan Matome Sites (collection of boards)

If your products or brand would like to keep a premium image, you want to stay away from 2chan matome sites, they are known to only damage.

Illegal Downloading Sites

If your products or brand would like to keep a premium image, you want to stay away from illegal anything, especially downloading sites.

Technical strengths


Real time analysis of enormous amount of traffic

Guarantee a huge scalability on your server by implementing our own architecture. Using our system development that can analyze enormous amount of traffic real time.

Natural language processor linked to ad publishing

We have developed and created our own algorithm based on natural language processor and ad publishing.

transparent data
What is BlackSwan?

Guarantee a world class transparent data, in order to protect your brand by exposing our filtering published ads by individual URLs. Filtered ads can also be viewed by screen captures.

What is BlackSwan?

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