"Performance-specific" Ad Fraud Blocking Plugin for Ad Networks and DSPs

Black Heron Verification

What is “Black Heron”

Black Heron” is a "performance-specific" plugin for ad networks and demand side platforms (DSPs) that enables examining and calculating any non-performing ads and click counts with any released online ad inventories. Black Heron is a completely new ad fraud blocking tool that is entirely different from any others. Not only does it identify 'Bot Frauds', Black Heron enables networks and DSPs to block fraudulent media in such ways as inducing intentional miss-clicks and producing ad impression fraud. Users out-putting fraudulent impressions unintentionally would also be blocked. By adding Black Heron, ad networks and DSPs are able to improve their performance. That is to say Black Heron lowers cost per acquisition (CPA).

Types of Ad Fraud blocked by Black Heron

Computer Malware(Vader Bots)

One of the types of malware and once PC is infected, bot slaves work in conjunction with a bot master to access the sites and view, click ads as bot master instructed

Sophisticated Fraud

View and click ads using a sophisticated algorithm

Retargeting Fraund

This bots mimic human behavior like viewing specific brand of car. This bot will be a target of re-targeting and induce high CPM fraud bidding

Spam Contents

Vendors that produce a lot of spam contents for SEO. They use spam contents for SEO by linking those contents to target web site. And then, they produce massive traffic on spam contents and that induces non-effective, fraudulent impressions.

Access Up Service

Vendors that provide mutual crawling service among media for PV counts. The mechanism induces non-effective, fraudulent impressions.

Mobile Simulator(CryptoBots)

A mobile simulator mimics a smartphone running mobile apps on PC. This bots are used to increase in-app ad performance fraudulently.

Fraud Rate of Network
(Cooperative study with Domestic major DSP)

Impression Fraud Rate
Click Fraud Rate

It has proven successful in identifying 3-10% of non-conversion fraud impressions, and 8-15% of fraudulent clicks.

Sample of Ad Fraud by media

Induce fraudulent impression and click by bots through delivering limitless fraudulent ad
Media makes mini-games which induce meaningless ad impression many times

How to detect Fraud?
(representative example)

Detection by browser information alteration
Detection through outlier analysis by IP/Fingerprint
Analysis of audience behavior
Detect vendors making fraudulent access

Momentum uses over 90 metrics other than above 4 metrics. We provide our original “Fraud Score” by integrating the results of those metrics and provide “Fraud Score” to networks. By using “Fraud Score”, networks can avoid fraudulent impression or click including BOT or users and medias which cannot produce conversion.

Performance improvement by Black Heron

『Black Heron』プラグインを広告配信ネットワーク

Black Heron Through the use of Black Heron, ad networks and DSPs can expect to reduce CPA by 3-7%+.

Technological Advantage

・Momentum has over 90 metrics to detect Ad Fraud by study of browser-related technology and original algorithm
・Apply machine learning for Ad Fraud detection with massive ad delivery data(i.e. precision enhances every day)

Structure of Black Heron for networks


It's time to fight for Ad Fraud with "Black Heron".

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