Be simple, be thinker .
Get rid of real waste and gain more time to think actually


Before we started up M0mentum, I, Ryo Okubo, have spent lots of time and built my career in the financial industry, where there is no limit for the amount of information and fast speed. Day after day after day, drowning in the bottomless borderless information pool, digging, sorting, differentiating, identifying, pin-point-ing, I realized that 70% of that time was actually wasted, because, what we needed could only be found in the 30%.

Today, there are numerous new services, products that are created, provided and introduced to us almost every day. On one hand it means you have options – LOTS of them, but on the other hand, you can get stressed out from all of the info shower and sometimes you find yourself drowning or even buried in it.
That is why we started M0mentum – to balance this unbalanced supply and choices demand of information, and provide the space that you may have not realized, but need it.

Get rid of useless stuff to ZERO
and make more space for what you really want.

M0mentum will wipe out all the unnecessary “stuff” in our info-oriented society to none, nada, ZERO. Which is why we placed ZERO into our logo. Our goal is to free you from the stress you may unconsciously feel being in the info society, by the unnecessary “stuff” that’s just out there, and the time you are “wasting” on them. We think we are capable to give you more space for something more important. We value and so want to provide service that is based on “simplifying” and “too much info-free”.

So, what is the issue here
that can change the world into a simple place

We don’t just limit the info to simplify it since we want to avoid overlooking and missing out on “what is really necessary” “what you really need”. So, we measure our issue depth by our service development. The development that is capable to identify what users find that is only “just stuff” or “stressful”.

No extra routine added
and still get simplified

To free your too-much-info and service world, our service is simple and our motto is “no extra routine for the users”. It’s very common with product development, you end up adding something extra when what you really want is to downsize. ”M0mentum” wants to be your service that is just a simple replacement or doesn’t get in the way of your routine. Like the word means, “M0mentum”, we need to keep it and want to be a company that has the speed and strength to sort out other services and other information that comes out even as we speak or think or breathe. M0mentum will be your service that will always have enough speed to create the ZERO that you need.


Momentum Inc.
73 million JPY (inclusive legal capital surplus)
Management team
Hiroshi Takatoh Chief Executive Officer
Xiaojun Xu Chief Technology Officer
Contact Address
Tatsumura-Aoyama Bldg 3F
5-4-35 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan 107-0062
(TEL) +81 3 6365 1970
Tatsumura-Aoyama Bldg 3F
5-4-35 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan 107-0062



Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Momentum, joined GREE as a member of the New Business Development team focusing on education and also media design within the GREE platform. Before graduating from Keio University, been invited to participate in starting up one of the nation first crowdfunding service “READY FOR?”.

Xiaojun Xu

Chief Technology Officer

Graduated Waseda University, ME Computer Science in 2013 Joined Geniee,Inc. Worked for developed core system for scalable advertisement distribution platform.Current position since November 2016.